Friday, 21 October 2016

Roof Skinned

It looks rather handsome with roof all covered with plywood. I added a strip of ply a couple of inches wide over the join between the two sheets as there isn't a continuous joist beneath the join. I glued it down with Resintite which did me a favour using most of it up, as Resintite has a limited shelf life and I was thinking I could probably due to buy some fresh. The strip has added to the rigidity considerably. I've also added a drip edge along the long edge.
I've got the rubber sheet draped over it now, I'm not sure if I'll glue it today or wait until tomorrow.
I could probably get it glued, but it would be good to get all the edges done too in one day.

I've realised what it reminds me of at last, a railway goods wagon!
Maybe I could paint it up to look like that.
I've started planning the doors and glazing for the open end, other windows will be added later as needed.

The garage has had a bit of a sort out and a load of wooden off-cuts taken to the council tip. My sheet material store has got a lot more in it now!
I'm starting to feel the need for working on bows again!

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