Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Summer House Timber Delivery

My roofing material arrived yesterday and I've got the ground cleared and 4 concrete pads/pillars done and level.
Whilst waiting for the main timber delivery I made a board carrier for lifting the 8x4 boards. It's made from a scrap of 18mm ply and a steel plate that was in my junk box, brilliant, works a treat! An added advantage of this work is I've had a bit of a tidy and sort out of my staves.
Hopefully I'll get the base framework down tomorrow and then have the weekend off for family stuff.

Here's a sketch of the summer house. The right edge of the roof may get raised, it's really a matter of seeing how the shapes will come out of the timber and what is practical in terms of door heights etc. I'm only making the overall height about 6' so it will be a snug little place to sit out on a summers day with a glass of something chilled and a book. I might make the roof line more like the one in red to improve head room

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