Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Shooting a Few Arrows

Suddenly realised I hadn't shot for a few weeks, and at last the garage was clear of summer house building materials,  so I picked up "Twister" and shot a few arrows into a cut out white pvc foam piglet. My shooting wasn't too bad and I'm shooting a dozen each day in preparation for a shoot at Avalon on Sunday. Seeing as how it will be almost Halloween, maybe the Zombie targets will be out, that should be fun.
I had a quick look at the Yew stave I've been working on, it barely flexes so there's a long way to go yet. I'm hoping to get the summer house doors done by the weekend so I can order some sheet acrylic or polycarbonate for the glazing. I'll then be able the get back to the bows.
The doors are a right pain, I decided to use some cheap timber so that I could do a try out. Just as well really as the design consultant (her indoors) said they looked a bit heavy (I agreed) and not enough glazed area. So I ran the verticals through the bandsaw taking off 1/2" each edge and made new horizontals an inch longer to maintain total width...
She said it didn't look much different (feel free to roll your eyes at this point) so I decided to press on regardless, as they look a reasonable proportion to me.
Note the distortion due to the camera angle... the door is parallel and square cornered really! It shows how a photo of a bow at full draw can often be distorted, (the bow being similar length to that door.)
I had been planning fancy mortice and tenon or dowelled construction, but on this cheap timber (studding from Wickes) I decided to just use long screws nicely recessed, two into each joint. This allows repeated assembly/disassembly (which is just as well really!) When it's finally got full approval and sign off from all relevant authorities (wife, cat etc) I can glue and screw.
It's now getting to the point where I'm having to remind myself that it is fun!
Looking forward to slaying some Zombies on Sunday.

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