Monday, 23 January 2017

50# at 30"

Woo the Yew longbow is almost there!
I've got the horn nocks on and roughed out for testing and I've had it back to 50# at 30". The outer 1/3 of the left (lower limb still needs to flex a tad more. the tool marks have all been take out with a scraper so it's V close to finished.
It's a bit of a relief as it's a relatively long draw and there is still one small knot that gows right through the back.
Next step is get it all finished up and take some test shots and some pics of course.
It will need a string making, the one I'm using is almost the right length but I've had to twist it up a lot and the brace is still 1/2" low.


  1. Is this the one that you fixed the knot on?

  2. Yeah, this is the one with the knot patch. I've just shot a few arrows at 28" seem quick :)

  3. Could you say more about brace height Derek? It does confuse me a bit

    1. I adjust the brace height by twisting up the string or by threading the long string through a loop of aluminium, this adjustable string allows me to start with a string that will just fit onto the bow without flexing it and then once the bow tips can be pulled back to 6 or 7" the bow can be braced by shortening the string. (on this bow I happened to have a string that is just about right). I don't go straight to full brace height as it stresses the bow harder. At the moment this bow is braced to about 6". I use my fist with thumb sticking up to judge it and that is about 6.5". On shorter bows and primitive designs I use a slower brace height say 5.5 - 6"