Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Shooting Down an Idiot!

I just stumbled across this old video and I though it might tickle you guys. 
On an archery forum back in 2013 someone asked if spine was important when sourcing material for crossbow bolts. 
I said no, as there is no sideways force to flex the bolt.
Some know-it-all bawled me out for giving "dangerous advice" and said a bolt could buckle under the force. 

So, I said I reckoned I could make a bolt out of paper that would shoot from my 50# @ ~6"bow pistol.
Was I right, did it work?
I've just put it up on Youtube:-

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  1. Hello Del, love your work! I'm following your bowmaking blog for a few years now. Just a quick comment on the toppic. The shaft can deflect from the neutral plane from just axial force if not restrained from all sides. It all depends (beside the axial force) on the stifness of the shaft which in turn depends of the length and material of the shaft. The weight of the point also plays a role. But in crosbow bolt lenght almost every shaft is stiff enough not to deflect/bend enough to break. This would be purely theoretical view on the matter ... But i like your hands on version better :-) ... Hats of to you ... Cheers