Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wonky Warbow

I've been working on a knot on the 50# @ 30" longbow and while the glue is curing I've roughed out one of the other glued up staves.

It has a load of deflex near the grip and then reflex kinks in the limbs, it also has a good bit of sideways waggle.
I'm hoping to make it into a character 100# warbow just for a laugh. Might eventually reflex the tips. Anyhow here are two pics, one at very low brace with almost no string tension due to the dflex aand then it pulled to 100#. If you flip between the pics you can see how it's moving. the inner limbs are moving quite well, I need to get the outers coming round, but that's how I tend to work anyway.Not sure if the splice will hold at 100# as it's only the length of a regular splice, where I'd like to have am extra inch or so on a warbow splice... maybe if I make it 99# instead of 100# it will be fine? ;-)
I'll prob' post pics of how I've filled the knot on the other bow tomorrow. I couldn't resist posting this 'cos it's so bonkers.

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