Saturday, 21 January 2017

Two Bows on the Go

The 50# @ 30" longbow is feeling much more stable now, I've shifted the nocks across and narrowed the tips to get the stringline more central . The bow thickness has been reduced and brace height increased it has now stopped trying to bend sideways. It's starting to look good now and is back to about 26" at 50# from nearly a full brace height. You can see from the pic the left (lower) limb is stiffer than the right, by the time that is evened up it will close to full draw.
I'm cleaning up the back and tidying up the width now. I'm tempted to steam the left tip a tad as there is a hint of deflex there and it would look much better with a hint of reflex. Not sure if I'll do it or not, it depends how it looks when the left limb is working a bit harder.
It will soon be ready for horn nocks.
Meanwhile the wonky warbow is coming back a good way now and looks completely bonkers. The big decision with that on is do I reflex the tips a bit?

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