Saturday, 11 August 2018

Mini Mill

The mini mill turned up and appeared to run ok, as I cleaned it up, it revealed a host of problems. The main column was cracked and the speed change was seized solid. It looked like it had never been fully stripped down cleaned oiled and adjusted... just the sort of thing I like doing.
I sourced a new column for a mere £58 including postage, mind it had two tapped holes about 3mm out of position so I had to re drill and tap them. A few other things needed a bit of sorting and it was tricky to free up the speed change selector.
I've tried it on Ali' and steel and it works nicely, I was careful to take only light cuts on the steel as the plastic drive gears can strip. I may convert it to belt drive at some point. I might even try welding up the cracked column and adding some stiffening. The design of the column is poor with a sharp change of cross section where it cracked and no radius, fillets or strengthening ribs. The new column looked to be slightly thicker section at the base.
A minor detail that irritated me, the handles on the control knobs are about 2" long, carefully design to catch in you trouser pocket and get whacked by bowstaves... I've cut 'em down by 1/2" might even take 'em down a tad more.
I think it's going to be V useful for crossbow parts etc.
It's only got a 150watt motor, but it's a DC permanent magnet motor and they are V gutsy. From the info it looks like it runs on 200v DC!! So it should have plenty of torque... doubtless more than the plastic gears can withstand!

We had a visit from my nephew and his family, after 2 months of sunshine it rained non stop. I gave 'em (him plus wife and 2 girls) a go with various bows and we had a fine time despite the rain.
I made an awning from a couple of £2.09 tarpaulins from Toolstation, this was providing some much needed shade over the last week or so. With the rain it was collecting a nice puddle and the 2 girls were enjoying swooshing the water off the tarpaulin with a walking stick... sometimes, the simple things are the most entertaining.

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