Friday, 27 August 2010

bank Holiday Weekend

I've finished the drawers at last so I can have a good tidy up of the garage and get back to working on bows. There's a big Primitive Crafts event at the club (Celtic Harmony Camp) over the long weekend I'll go along one of the days and help with the have-a-go Archery, I always find it uplifting how well people generally take to it and enjoy it.
I think it's ingrained in some primitive part of our psyche.
It amuses that on some archery websites the modern target archers go into minute details of aiming and 'form' yet the one thing you never need to instruct anyone is how to aim... they just seem to get it. Mind I s'pose it's not rocket science, you don't need to tell anyone how to point a stick, although, having said that some creatures (notably cats) don't understand the concept of pointing at something...just as well the don't shoot bows I s'pose.
Enough whimsey!

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