Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Bits & Pieces

I've got the Ash bow worked down to floor tillered stage, that's to say it's flexing a tad when I lean on it. I can tell it's going to be a handsome bow, but not if it will need de-crowning yet.
I'm going to try to hold off on putting it onto the tiller until next Wednesday when a chap is coming round for a look at bowmaking for the afternoon.
Meanwhile I've worked a bit on that Hawthorn bow and it doesn't look quite so bad now, that will be handy for some tillering demonstration too.

My axe and bandsaw blades arrived, the axe needed sharpening (I checked on the web for axe sharpening videos, just to confirm I knew what I was doing... which I did) after a little time with a file and then an oilstone I could slice paper with it, which is sharp enough! It feels really nice, the head is 0.6 kg compared to the 1kg of my old one, nicely balanced and much easier on the wrist and forearm.
I put on one of the bandsaw blades which is a bit of a fiddle at the bandsaw needs readjustment to a new blade. The 'Alternate Set' blade cuts a slightly wide cut than the standard, but is less likely to bind when ripping down a log.
A bandsaw blade comes coiled into 3 concentric loops, the trick to folding the old one up the same way has eluded me, I've done it once before after watching a video on Youtube, but it's a bit of a weird topological feat, which may appeal to any of you who enjoy a good puzzle.

I've got permission to cut a bit of Hazel, which I shall do on Friday, I spotted a lovely long straight bit about 3-4" diameter with smooth polished bark like gunmetal.
I'll probably get 4 staves from it, (two lengths each split in two) and might try to get a 'bark on' bow from it.
I expect I'll have some pics by the weekend.

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