Friday, 13 August 2010

Devil's Advocate

Mr Hutchison you stand accused of willfully breaking a bow, you complain after the event that it was too short, yet you deliberately sawed 15" off the stave! [gasps from the gallery]
How do you plea?

[Gulp] Not guilty your honour.
I crave the court's indulgence to permit me to explain.

The stave was extremely thin at one end with insufficient wood to work into a tip.
A longer bow would also be of lower draw weight (a long beam being more flexible than a short one).
If the bow was longer, the handle would be nearer the thin end and we were strugging to make the handle thicker than the limbs to allow it to be narrowed to a grippable width.

May I remind you, there is no 'we'? It is you who is on trial.

Just so your honour, may I present two pictures in my defence?
The latter shows how the stave was barely more than a thin lath of wood. It also shows that additional recurve would have been introduced which would have exacerbated our problems.

After reviewing the evidence I conclude that although there is 11mm of wood on that tip which is possibly enough for a tip, your other arguments cannot be clearly dissproved and you were probably just a little precipitous is removing so much length.
Case dismissed due to lack of clear evidence.
However, I expect you to take more care in future and I have no wish to see you before the bench again.
Case dismissed!
Thank you your honour.

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