Sunday, 6 May 2012

Back to the Ridge Back Bow

I've picked up the Yew stave with the weird ridge and it's begining to get back to brace heigh, it seems like good wood and relatively stiff considering the extra length I've left on it.
I made up a stringer in an attempt to get it braced. I got it to almost brace but could see it was trying to bend sideways. It's a bit panic making when a bow tries to do that, but with some careful adjustment of the cross section and the string line it can be tamed. The extra length is handy too as it allows some shortening and sideways adjustment of the nock positions. I've glued on some scraps of Yew to let me file temorary nocks in the back and to reduce one side of the bow at the tips to help bring it in line.

I'm hoping the weather will be kind tomorrow as it's the Beltane festival at the club and I'll be taking my shave horse and portable tiller tree to do some bow making demo's. I've even drilled another hole in the shave horse so the foot lever can be moved forward so kids can work it. Last years event was great fun, just hope we don't get washed out.

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