Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bow in a Day Details

It's made of Hazel 63.5" nock to nock.
47mm wide at widest, tapering to 13mm at the tips. narrowing to about 40mm at the grip (this will prob' get reduced further).
Lying flat on the floor the tips still show 2" of reflex, but I haven't taken it beyond 24" draw yet.
The thickness tapers from 19mm at the thickest point of the grip down to about 11mm at the thinnest.
You can see there's not much wood there !
Its the first time I've made a fully bend through the handle bow and as it hasn't taken any set yet I think it will probably come back to 26" maybe 28" which I'd really like so that I could shoot it in my usual style. I shall give it a good going over before I take it back further though.
I've spent an hour on it this evening and added horn overlays to the tips (just roughed out), this has allowed me to narrow them and adjust the string line, which you can see in the pic of it hanging up on a nail, you can see the natural waggle in the stave which I've utilised in the grip, you can see the string is biased towards the right (we are looking down the upper limb) to favour a right handed archer as the arrow pass will be on the right.
I shall try buffing up the bark and going over it with Danish oil to see if it will stay on. If it comes off I may add some abstract decoration of maybe a leaf and grass motif, it's fun to play with a quickie bow as I won't be scared stiff of messing it up.

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