Monday, 28 May 2012

Club Shoot

We had a scorching hot day for the club NFAS Friendly shoot, a good turn out with plenty of people visiting from other clubs. I shot my favourite Yew primitive 'Twister' and was just about hitting everything first arrow until I got cocky when asked how it was going and promptly missed a rubber Turkey at close range with all 3 arrows. The course was 15 targets (all 3D rubber critters), going round twice, so I got another go at the damn Turkey... couldn't believe I dropped the first arrow just under him but I got him 2nd arrow much to my relief.
After the shoot some of us were shooting on the field and trying each others bows, a couple of guys had a go with Twister, never having shot a Yew bow before. They were favourably impressed.
I was pleasantly surprised to find I'd won the shoot, but was a slightly concerned that I'd counted a shot which was in the horn of the deer on one target. No one could give a clear ruling on if we were counting hooves and horns as hits. I didn't loose any sleep over it as it was a long shot for the first shot. The peg for the second shot was much closer and broadside on to the deer and I knew I'd have got a second shot wound easily. It was nearing the end of the shoot, we were all hot and tired and the next group of archers was waiting to shoot that target so I couldn't be bothered to walk back and take the second shot. Anyway a '2nd shot wound' have dropped 4 points against the 'first shot wound'. In fact I think I'd have won even if I'd missed with all three!
For those field archers who are interested the score was 456 and there were mostly longbows shooting with a sprinkling of recurves, horsebows and American flatbows, so my twisted Yew stick did pretty well :) .
 Hmmm, that sounds a bit obsessive, but I'd much rather loose fairly than win by being considered to have bent the rules or indulged in any gamesmanship. That's why I tend to shun formal competition, I'm happy enough just shooting against myself and enjoying the company.
I got home pleasantly tired and hungry enough to enjoy a Sunday roast.

In the evening I got stuck into my DIY, drained the central heating and ripped out carefully removed the old gas boiler, bloomin' heavy those old cast iron jobs. The cast iron core of the boiler is very cleverly designed, it's 5 sections held together with 4 long threaded rods with a nut on each end. Imagine 5 big books side by side (as they would be on a book case) with a long bolt going through at each corner.
I undid the nuts and it just fell apart, I was expecting to have to persuade it with a sledge hammer! The water channels are sealed with 'O' rings where they go from section to section across the top and bottom, each bit is pretty heavy, but at least I can get it into the boot of the car and take it to the tip. The modern replacement is supposedly a 'one man lift', let's hope so.


  1. I take it the replacement is more efficient?
    And might we look forward to a write-up of the process elsewhere?

  2. I'm certainly hoping the replacement will be more efficient. Dunno If I can be bothered to blog it up on CR4. Someone will only tell me that "You can't install a gas boiler unless you are 'Gas Safe' registered" which is of course semantically and practically incorrect. I shall install myself but get an retired Corgi fitter to give it a once over. I hate all this regulation, why a retired Corgi fitter should no longer be deemed 'competent' because he hasn't paid for a ticket is beyond me. I design electronics as my day job and some government quango will doubltess be telling me I can't wire in a new socket next. They also take liberties with the English language by defining 'competent' in their own limited manner... well that's not the dictionary definition of 'competent'.
    Look, you've tipped me into rant mode now! ;)

  3. Didn't mean to send you off ; - )
    But agreed 'someone would' certainly say something

  4. Ha ha, I noticed that someone has ticked the 'Boring' box!
    It's my first one and I've got to admit it's a fair cop.
    I'm suitably chastened :)

  5. I wouldn't worry too much - I'd call 5-1 (at time of writing) a pretty convincing win!
    Bob S