Friday, 25 May 2012

Easing Down and Tidying Up

I've just about finished the Yew longbows for this season, although I have a skinny stave left from sawing out the last but one. I'm roughing it down for a kids bow for one of the youngsters at the club. I need to find the height, draw length and weight of the recipient. The girls Mum approched me at the Beltane festival at the club, but I've not seen her since. I'm hoping she'll be able to manage 30# as I don't want to make anything much less than that. Mind if I go for 30 at 28" she can grow into it a bit. We have our end of month club shoot at the weekend, I'll take the stave along and mabe see them there.
The little primitive Hazel has changed it's tiller a bit with the lower limb looking a bit weak now, I've eased off the top limb and maybe I'll heat treat it. It seems to be the shorter flat bows which can suffer from the lower limb easing off, this shows that the 'make the lower limb stronger' school of thought has some merit. I think it only really applies to highly stressed shorter bows though.
I got a nice letter from the guy who had my last bow, he wanted a bow which would reach 180 yards for clout shooting. He said it made the distance easilly and he came 2nd in the club clout shoot with the bow's first outing, excellent.
Ridgeback will be going to it's new home tommorrow, I've signed and named it this morning, once that's dry, a little clear varnish over the lettering and wipe of beeswax polish, once that's dry and it's good to go.
I'll be restricted to some tinkering with stuff for a week or so as I'm tidying up and preparing for some DIY. I've ordered a new gas boiler, the fitting of which should occupy me for a week or so as I'll be re-furbishing the whole central heating ready for next winter. We'll still have hot water while the heating is off as I made some solar hot water panels a while back which work pretty well.

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