Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Brian's Bow Detail Pics + Progress on Bob's

The bow is all but finished now, it just needs more Danish oil and a bit more shooting in before a final check of draw weight and adjustment if necessary.
The cord I bought online is excellent, I got two types and went for the braided nylon which, when waxed is excellent. It has a tiny bit of stretch, is a good thickness and sets the leather grip off nicely.
It's hard to get good pics of a bow as it's an awkward shape, but the pics give some idea. I like the detailround the grip, where the edge of the splice is visible and it echoes the shape of the arrow plate. The slight miss match in the sap/heart boundary adds to the effect, you then add in the reddish blush of the remnants of a knot and there is a lot of interest there. There's another knot remnant by the bottom nock, all in all I'm pleased it's turned out so pretty.
Here it is at a full 31" draw.

Meanwhile I've been tinkering away at Bob's bow, the wood is more challenging as there are some serious dips and swoops in the grain, the sapwood is being taken to quite thin in places, but overall it's taking shape and almost flexing to brace height. Some of the problems are becoming less evident as the bow is reduced, but it's a slow process, it should have bags of character when its finished.

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