Monday, 26 November 2012

It Lives!

The repaired bow is now on the tiller and flexing.
I put it up on a low brace height and tentatively flexed it back to about 45# which you can see in the video.
The tiller still looks pretty good and a little rasping to blend in near the grip and some general scraping has now got it back to 50# at 30" from a full brace.
It looks very nice and being shorter has a more pronounced curve.
Obviously there is a way to go yet including plenty of shooting in, but it's looking promising.

I've had a great day so far, the Mother of Pearl arrived, lovely 3mm thick blanks, small but good quality, should be enough for at least half a dozen arrow plates.

Best of all I got got a letter from the council approving my request to cut a Yew limb, see this post:-

Over the weekend, my dust extractor suddenly gave up, it tripped the circuit breaker in the garage and smelled of burning insulation. It was bought 7th December last year so should still be in warranty, a few fruitless phone calls and a trip to Screwfix started the wheels in motion to get it replaced. You can't beat talking to people face to face, the duty manager in Screwfix was a very helpful young lady, who phoned through on a direct line and got things moving. I got a call from the technical people this morning and once I'd explained what had happened they said they would just replace the main part and I'd get a call from their people later in the day to arrange delivery time.
Fingers crossed the good vibe lasts.

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