Sunday, 25 November 2012

Clout Shoot and Repair pics

Glorious sunshine this morning so I went to the Clout and Roving marks shoot at the club.
The clout was a slightly non-standard event with the flag at 160yards for the big bows and two shorter clouts (120 and 80) for the others. My first 6 arrows were way left as we were shooting towards the sun and once the arrows got above tree height they were hit by a brisk crosswind. After that I got my eye in and made sure I shielded my eyes so I could watch the arrows down onto the flag. I did ok generally getting 3 or 4 scoring arrows (in a fairly generous scoring circle, 7.5metre radius). We were shooting 3dozen arrows and on the last end (6 arrows) I finally got one closest to the flag (scoring 5). I'll have to check on the club forum tomorrow to see how I did.
I was tiring a bit so I didn't stay for the afternoon. I got home to do a bit to the bows, starting to blend in the patches.
You can see from the pics, the stages of the glue up and the side, back and belly views of the roughly blended patches on Brian's bow.
On Bob's bow (lower bow in top left pic) you can see the new belly patch is much more substantial and that knot doesn't extend past half way through the limb now. It makes me more confident about continuing the tillering.
Obviously there is still plenty to do on both bows but they are beginning to look good. Fingers crossed I don't get another disaster.
Re-Tillering Brian' out to 31" will be a bit nervy, but if I worried too much I'd never do anything...just hope someone doesn't creep up behind me and burst a paper bag while it's on the tiller!
I've had to ask my Brother for some more of that nice red leather, as it was my last decent sized piece, I want to make the bow as good as it was before or maybe even better, I take the broken splice as a personal affront, which hopefully I can put right.

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