Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Damn... It Smashed in My Hand

The Splice gave way in my hand, it may be repairable, but it will loose an inch or two. I need to find out why it failed.

I'm not a happy bunny.

I've had a look at it and I think it is repairable, the limbs are fine but i will need to re-make the splice. I think the break started at the point of the splice on the back of the bow, maybe the joint was a bit tight there and had squeezed out the glue leaving it dry. Tricky chap glue, don't want a thick glue line, but nor do you want it all squeezed out and dry.
I shall repair it and instead of building up the back with leather beneath the grip I'll add a sliver of yew sapwood, this will improve the stiffness at the grip and also the ability to handle the tension.
I'm a bit aghast that it gave way as I've seen a 170# warbow with a similar splice.

I've re-cut the splice and it looks good, the bow is now 72" tip to tip which is ok. It will need a small belly patch at the grip to make up thickness where the thickest part of the limb was removed, Hopefully this will mostly be under the grip.
The centre line will shift slightly too.

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