Friday, 9 November 2012

Temporary Nocks and String Line Adjustment

The work I've done after adding the temporary nocks has got the bow looking much straighter now (compare it with the pic on the previous post). Some of the apparent sideways bend was more about the sides of the bow not being straight, this happens due to a variety of factors, say a knot which is being rasped away to fall off the side of the bow or maybe the spokeshave snags and tears a bit and an area is filed/rasped down to remove the rough area. The wood also moves a bit as it is worked down and exercised. I held a straight edge on the side of the bow to mark any high spots which were soon reduced with a spokeshave.
The pics show the improved string line, the temporary nock and a filled knot which has all but disappeared.
the sapwood on the back of the slightly darker upper limb is also shown. Doubtless some armchair critic will say the back of the bow doesn't follow a single growth ring, but you can see the ring 'violations' run along the bow. The whole 'follow a growth ring' this is IMO a bit of a myth which has been imported from the USA where they use a lot of Osage which has much more distinction between the rings and it is very important to follow a ring as the thinner (winter?) rings are much weaker than the harder thicker growth.
It makes sense to follow a ring where you can and try to keep any 'violations' running along rather the across the bow, it's an aim rather than being vital, and you have to sometimes let the stave dictate what you do rather than going 'by the book'.
Where the rings don't fall in line with the back of the bow I've tried following a ring and having a sloping back and doing what I've done on this bow. Both methods work fine, but the former is a lot more work as the belly ends up following a weird profile too to avoid the bow going sideways. It's tricky to get a good picture of the grain on the back as it's so pale.

The bow is now at virtually a full brace height and has come back to about 25" at 45#
I hope to get if to full draw tomorrow, with some pics of course.

Update:- 50# @ 28" see pic.

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