Friday, 11 January 2013

Three Bows On The Go

The steam bending looks good, but it needs one more bend on the other limb and then the tips will probably need a wee tweak.
The Hickory backed Lemonwood is looking good with the belly nicely rounded, it's pulling 30# at 28", that will get a try out tomorrow to see if it is suitable. (No pic of that bow).
Top right is the Transatlantic bow nearing full draw, it's been worked on a good bit since that pic.
Meanwhile the transatlantic Yew longbow is back to 50# at 28". the two limbs were of similar size and I made the Oregon Yew limb the lower as it's supposed to be tougher, denser, generally and generally superior. It's also slightly thicker than the English Yew upper limb and I was expecting to need to slim it down.
The reverse is the case, the English Yew limb is the stiffer and I've had to work that down, I'm also moving the nock on the Oregon Yew limb inboard about half an inch to stiffen it up.
In the pic of it on the tiller you can see the right (English) limb needs some work.
There is a deceptive point on the left limb which looks stupidly thin, then stupidly thick thick, (the shadow adds to the confusion) it's due to a weird dip on one side of the limb, the two lower pics show the same area from each side of the limb. Rather tricky to tiller a point like this as it looks too thin on one side and too thick on t'other!

The area at the splice is a bit of a mess where I've had to try to blend in the two miss-matched limbs, I may do a grip of linen thread binding. It's never going to be a really pretty bow, but maybe it will make a good work horse, I might even try it at longer draws for flight or clout shooting.

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