Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tiny Lathe

I stripped cleaned and adjusted the lathe. It was sloppy as hell when I got it, but feels much more solid now.
It seems to be missing it's top slide, but can move left/right on the leadscrew so it's not a big issue, although the topslide can be used for cutting tapers which would be handy
 I tested it on a scrap of arrow shaft first and then some brass. It works fine, but chatters a bit, mind I know zip about machining so the feed/speed and tool angle is prob all wrong.
It should do nicely for making little horn or brass arrow heads for some bamboo shafts I've got.
That's a £2 coin in the pic, so it gives an idea of how small it is.
You can see theres a backplate and tool rest too, which will be handy for turning wood, although it won't turn much bigger than an ashtray or a chess piece.

Meanwhile the Yew bow is having it's sapwood chased to something near a single ring, and the copper archer is running around the garage wreaking havoc.

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