Thursday, 31 January 2013

Waggly Yew on the Tiller

I've finished cleaning up the sapwood, rounded the belly a good bit and got it to a low brace.
It's pulling back to 45# at about 20".
You can see the right (upper) limb is a bit stiff on the outer 2/3.
The recurve in the lower limb is still showing and the lateral waggle is looking ok with the string line fairly steady and just offset a whisker to favour the left hander.
It won't take much work to get it right back now, but the trick is to do right work! Concentrating on that right limb should get it back towards the 26" I'm aiming for at 45#.

I've been playing with my little lathe too, I made a new pulley for the motor from a chunk of plastic, turning it on the lathe. I bought a top slide online for a Unimat 3 lathe which I've modified to fit. It required turning a steel bolt head from hex to round. the lathe managed to do that ok. With the smaller pulley it's going a bit slower and sounds better, it should also have more torque. I'll be able to turn arrow heads with it now. Dunno when I'll actually get round to it, but I've had tons of fun playing with it already.

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