Monday, 23 September 2013

Arrow Plate

I've done the arrow plate in Water buffalo horn, the same as the nock overlays. I've made it fairly long and slim.
The pic shows the slight reflex on the left (lower) limb compared with the right.
The bow is finished now except for a wipe of Danish oil every morning and every night for a few days, then signing and a wipe of beeswax polish. I'm really pleased with it, the pictures don't really do it justice, you need to feel it to appreciate the balance and pent up power. It's got some nice character but without compromising performance. I haven't shot it through the chrono yet, as it's always got Danish oil drying on it!

I've also been working down the stave for a 120# warbow which will start serious work in November. I think I'll just go by feel rather than trying to copy Mary Rose dimensions, although I reserve the right to change my mind on that! I think trying to copy something can make one take your eye off the ball, lose sight of the real purpose and forget to look at the actual wood. I might even get it on the tiller just to see if it is starting to move.

Checked my cider this morning and at last it's staring to visibly bubble, not very vigorous, but you can see a steady constant flow of v fine bubbles coming up through the liquid and the odd bubble coming through the airlock. Letting nature take it's course takes a lot longer to get going than adding yeast, but the anxious waiting is part of the fun.

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