Friday, 20 September 2013

Twister2 Full Draw and a Chunk of Yew

Twister2 has a decent string now and has had about 30 arrows shot through it. On one of the archery websites someone had said how irritating it is that on TV they always make it sound as if bows creak as they are drawn. Oddly Twister2 had a nasty creak just as I got near full draw! I put loads of wax polish round the nocks to show up where the string was moving as the bow was drawn. On the lower nock the groove is much bigger like two grooves slightly overlapping, one for the string and one to make room for a stringer. There was a slight ridge between the two on the sides of the nock groove and as the string angle changed near full draw the string was slipping into the stringer groove with a creak. I just smoothed out the ridge with a bit of 240 grit wet & dry paper... creak removed!
Looking at the full draw picture, I'm pretty happy with the tiller. It shoots very nicely, a tad heavy compared with Twister 1. Once it's shot in I'll put a few arrows through the chronometer. It pretty much shoots where I point it, although I might tweak the arrow pass a little.

Last week a chap came over with a quarter Yew log which he'd bought on the Internet. It had been cut in Derbyshire last January. He's asked me to turn it into a bow (about 90# at 32" if my memory serves). It will be a few more months before it's ready to work down further. But reducing it a bit will help the final seasoning, it also allows a better look at the wood.
The sapwood is quite thick and will need reducing, the growth rings are fairly tight and the wood has a nice colour, There are a few fine longitudinal cracks on the surface of the heartwood, but they are probably just superficial from the early seasoning. Reducing it will also allow the wood to shift a bit if it wants to. As the months pass I'll look at it and maybe take it down a bit more here and there, at the moment it's about 50mm square (slightly less at the tips).
It's always a bit frustrating to end up with two long skinny offcuts which are all but useless. They do come in handy for patching and suchlike and I sometimes have daft ideas of laminating all the strips up into something useable.... probably be more trouble than it's worth.

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