Thursday, 19 September 2013

Twister2 Ready for Shooting

It's taken a while to get Twister2 back to full draw length, and I had to use the rasp a little more. It's a tad over weight still as it's 50# at 26" where I wanted 50# at 27". But that's close enough for now, and it allows for some settling during shooting in.
I've got the nocks done and buffed up and given it a wipe of Danish oil. I've shot about 10 arrows through it using my tillering string and it feels good. next step is to make the final string and get it shot in.
Drawing to 27" is not a problem, and I'm sure it would come back to 28", but I'll leave that until it's fully shot in.
There are a couple of big cracks showing on the back but these seem stable. I'll keep an eye on them of course. Once it's shot in (about 50-75 arrows) I'll do an arrow plate and any tuning/minor adjustments. Here are some pics showing the details and features. The botom nock looks odd and bulky in that shot, but the pic is intended to show the knots and ripples in that lower tip.

It's all looking nice and caramel & cream.

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