Friday, 6 September 2013

Testing the BooYew

We tried the Booyew, it does seem to bang 'em out but it was difficult to pull a consistent draw length with my longer arrows. I didn't want to over draw to 28" as it's tillered for 26" with 27" max.
In the end we got out the Chrono' and put tape round the arrows marking the 26". It was still hard to hold a clean loose at 26" Mick could see I was pulling 26" but letting down an inch as I loosed.
Anyhow, bottom line is it was shooting about 160fps which seems pretty good as it weighed in at 52# @26"
the proof of the pudding will be in a head to head trial with his current bow. If it's no better I'll keep it for myself and maybe tine the tiller up to 28" and see what it will do as say a 50# flight bow.
Meanwhile I'll do the arrow plate and grip.
I've been doing a little more to Twister2 and I'll prob get some pics of it on the tiller over the weekend.

Oh, by the way, I got 10L of apple juice which will hopefully start fermenting soon. I'll gather more apples over the next week and do a second batch.

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