Thursday, 5 September 2013

Boo Yew Nock Detail

I have a slight suspicion that Mick the Blacksmith thinks I've not double grooved his bottom nock :-) !
But I have. The bottom groove can be just one big one or two barely separated ones.
The lower string loop stays in situ while the stringer loop can sit on top or along side it. You'll see from the pic I've actually done two grooves that blend into one, they look much better now the bow has had a quick wipe of Danish Oil.
You can see the grain of the Yew through the horn as it's translucent.
I'm not finishing it further until Mick's brought round a bit of Mother of Pearl for the inlaid arrow plate.
Talking of which the last pic shows the tiny patch added into the side to add more wood where it was so thin at the splice. The arrow plate should fit in or over that patch. Of course I'll need to be very careful as I'm cutting out the hole for it that I don't break out or split the patch... Am I nervous? Of course!

You'll notice it's properly strung and it feels very tight and lively. I'm not measuring the draw weight, as it won't effect the reality of it, and I don't want to cause any preconceived ideas of what to expect. I think it's about right, but are we in the Goldilocks zone?

Right, now it's all down to having a good clean up and making some cider. I'll probably do it in a couple of batches today and tomorrow, I'm hoping to get 25L but that would need a lot of apples.

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