Friday, 18 October 2013

Elm Warbow Full Draw on the Tiller

The horn nocks have been added and the bow has been cleaned up a good bit. It's a pig to get the string onto it, I'll have to get some decent non stretch cord to make a stringer.
Here's the video of it getting to full draw dynamically. I'll post some detail shots when the bow is nicely finished.
If you view it full sceen you can see I just about made the 100# ! The big arrow mark on the scale is at 100#. I stopped it at full draw and did the CD test (holding up a CD in front of the screen to judge the curve of the bow) and it looks very good.
The still pic shows the tiller is now a more even curve and more arc of a circle.

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  1. That´s a BEAUTIFUL Warbow Derek!