Sunday, 20 October 2013

Good Day at Avalon

A good number of us from the club went to Avalon Archers NFAS Open shoot. It was absolutely stonking down with rain on the way and there was a vivid double rainbow. The weather cleared as we were getting ready to shoot and it held off all day.
The course was excellent, 36 3D Targets with plenty of variety, up hill, down dale in the woods and some shots on the flat in a field. A couple of monster long shots (Bear and Tiger) too.
I was shooting in a group of 5 (excellent company) and was having one of those days where every shot felt pretty comfortable and the arrows seemed to go where I pointed. I had a bit of luck on a couple of shots but one glancing off the back of a puma.
I'd never broken the 500 barrier and with about 10 targets to go I knew I was getting close. With just 4 targets to go the groups of archers had somehow bunched up and we had to stop and wait, fortunately we were at the refreshment shack so we could have a cuppa and a huge chunk of gingerbread. I managed to keep my focus and not seize up, finishing strongly with a first arrow kill on a tiny rubber piglet at about 10 yards... the score?
532 a PB by a mile.
Just as we finished the rain set in and we made a hasty exit. I later got an E-mail saying I'd won the primitive class, which was a nice bonus.
I was rather amused as we were packing up, I'd been hoping to meet Carol of Carol Archery. Mick the blacksmith pointed her out in a manner that could only be an archer speaking.
"That's her, just gone behind that van.... pink fletchings!"
That really tickled me, describing a woman by the colour of the flights on her arrows! Not as daft as it sounds really as everyone was kitted out in wet weather gear... still, it made me smile.
An all round great day, many thanks to the organisers at Avalon for a great shoot.

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