Saturday, 26 October 2013

Shooting the Elm Warbow

My mate John was coming round for a session of videoing so he could see his technique.
There's barely room to shoot a warbow into the garage so I set too and moved the raised bed back about a foot and a half, it was hard day's work, but worth the effort.
It's still a wee bit tight for room, but ok once you get used to it. The pic shows how much I moved it back, it involved removing an old defunct water feature with a small sump of stagnant water under it and shifting 3 wheel barrow loads of soil... good exercise for warbow shooting! The full draw pic is grabbed from the video.

John made it look effortless. He liked the feel of the Elm bow and said it felt nice and linear.
He gave me a few pointers which helped me get it back a little further with a bit more control. I feel I've very close to being comfortable with it now. The left elbow can come back just a bit more for that last inch!
Actually scaling it from that still pic, it works out that I have about another 2 inches to go.


  1. (AROOGAH, AROOGAH) "Now hear this, now hear this"........ Don't you dare take the weight of that bow down another pound Del, she's an absolute beaut! ;o)))))

  2. Cheers, I'm pleased with how my draw is coming along, Ta for the tips :)