Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Getting Into the Bow

After a frustrating day with electronics what could be better therapy than thwacking some arrows from a Warbow?
I'm finding it more comfortable pulling the weight and sticking my arse out is helping get into the bow. I'm not sure my physiology will let me get a full 32" draw but I'm getting closer and can feel my pecs and ribcage doing some of that last bit of work. There's not much room stood outside the garage door but strangely it may help the control and discipline. I shot 9 arrows and if I keep that up every evening along with the press ups I'll soon be able to concentrate on expanding my chest getting the elbow down and back for the last few inches of draw.
I shall just try to get this axe out from between my shoulder blades and and have some food!

I dragged the target out of the garage to take the pic... it shows there is some sense of direction there as I was notionally 'aiming' at the white block and one arrow is just through the edge of it. On the last 3 arrows I actually had two shafts touching. (Upper limb is closest to the camera)
Which was nice.


  1. The distance may be just a bit short for the arrows to stabilize... Maybe you should make some extra big fletched arrows for shooting into your garage :D

  2. They are fairly3/8" low spine (70#) but the bow is very wide, they seem to fly fairly well now I'm getting a better draw. Earlier they were flying a bit sideways.