Thursday, 17 October 2013

Warbow Tillering Update

I've heat treated the centre section of the belly again, improved the tiller which has dropped a little weight but looks much better. The string has been shortened to get it up to a decent brace.
I've pulled it back to 32" dynamically on the tiller by pulling the rope back and forth rather than winching which is a bit slow and leaves the bow stressed for longer.
It's only 90# at 32" and I can get it to a reasonable draw. I was going to take pics but it was dark
Checking in Weapons of Warre it's about as long as the longest Mary Rose bows, so I've sawn 1.5" off each tip which still leaves it at about 80" and at the upper end of the typical bows.
The game plan is to put nocks on and go for it.
I can't decide on side nocks or the usual. I think stringing it may be a problem with side nocks... not sure, so I may stick with the usual groove at the back, I will keep the nocks nice and simple using the pale Water buffalo horn.
Hope to get some pics tomorrow.
I'm hoping that taking 3" off it and fitting a decent non-stretchy sring may just get me close to the 100#, but what the heck... 100 is just another number!
This is all good learning for the Yew Warbow and it's a big jump from the usual 50-60# draw weights.
Meanwhile there is more filling and sanding on this ceiling... oh joy!

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