Sunday, 3 August 2014

Decisions Decisions

I've got the bow back to about 70# at 28" the tiller is much better and it still has some reflex.
This interpolates to 88# at 32" and I'm reluctant to press on to 32" anyway.
I just feel it's working nicely now and I don't want to push my luck. A guy who had a 60# off me ages ago has been wanting a 70#, so I'll see if he's interested, otherwise I might just finish it for myself and see what it does. A few people have been asking after a bow, so maybe someone will try it and fancy it. I'm not fussed, the fun is in making the bow and testing it to see what it will do, but I'd rather it was getting used than standing unused in the garage.
I'll press on getting the tiller how I want it and see what the draw weight comes out like. It still has the temporary nocks at the moment, but the picture of the back shows it now looks like a bow.
It's all a bit frustrating really. I contacted the chap at the club who wanted the 90# and he agreed he'd rather see a working bow than have me push it to breaking point.
There are a couple of features that make me reluctant to take it to 32".
1. The stiff handle.
2. The amount of reflex.
3. A filled knot on the edge  11" down from one tip, which is a rather vulnerable area.
4. A pink blush on the belly at one point where there was some growth damage.

On the plus side one diagonal knot on the belly near one tip has all but disappeared.

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