Monday, 11 August 2014

Monkey Bow Lives Again!

Hoorah! He's now got a 28" draw, the draw weight is prob' pretty low, I haven't measured it yet.
The levers need shaping in but I wanted to test it to see if it was ok. I'm thinking of removing the temporary tip overlay on the top limb and making it into a Monkey paw, not sure if I will, I'll do some sketches to see if its feasible. I did have some Pear wood ages ago which is good for carving, but it's prob' long since lost, I do have some Cherry which may be suitable
The whipping is thin linen thread onto which I dripped low viscosity super glue. The glue soaks in and spreads quickly giving a quick hard  finish.
Any how here are the pics. sorry no full draw shot yet!

I walked up the town today and noticed some apples are ripe, I'll have a good tidy of the garage and prepare for my cider making.
I'm really pleased Monkey bow survived, he's a great crowd pleaser when shooting whistling arrows, if only I could make an arrow that went Ooooh Ah Ah Ah!

Update:- I've been tidying the levers and I noticed I hadn't cut one down to length before adding the temporary nock, it was only an inch too long! I've trimmed it off and glued on a fresh chunk of Ash for the temporary nock. Hopefully it will still be good for the 28" draw, whilst lifting the draw weight a tad.

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