Friday, 12 December 2014

The One Arrow Test

I made a new string for the reworked bow, taking the bracing height up from a rather low 5 1/2" to 5 3/4". The bow was marked up as 6" max but it also had 30" max draw, so even going to 6" brace at a normal 28" draw would be no problem.
I shot 6 arrows through it to let the string settle and get a feel of the bow. I then tied on a nocking point and went back with just one arrow for my "one arrow test"... no messing about aiming, just bring it up and loose.
I think it passes!

The bow looks a lot less tired now, I'll buff up the nocks, re-write the poundage and give it a good waxing.

I hadn't shot it before I worked on it as I didn't trust the string, but after this work it certainly feels like a good bow at a nice weight, I don't suppose it's lost much speed, and it it now gets drawn to a full 28" rather than the previous short snatched loose, I expect the owner will find the cast better and more consistent.


  1. Hi Del,

    You usually use danish oil for a finish, correct? Here you mentioned waxing the bow. How many coats of wax and what kind do you like?

  2. I usually give about 4 coats of Danish Oil, then wax it with Lord Sheraton Caretaker wood balsam. They sell it Sainsbury's and doubtless other supermarkets. It's a nice creamy consistency, wipe it on, leave it a few minutes and buff it up.
    I'll add a pic into the post above. (It comes in a yellow/buff carton.

  3. On this bow, Most of the original finish was removed where I'd worked it down. I'd also rounded the back slightly. I wiped it over with white spirit, gave it 2 coats of Danish oil (each with about 12 hours drying time) and then the waxing.