Monday, 8 December 2014

Tired Out

A long days shooting yesterday at Windsor with the ILAA, a little drizzle in the morning ,but it brightened up. However many of us took off the wet weather gear for the afternoon and were hit by an icy squally shower. Still it didn't dampen our enthusiasm too much.
Some fine shooting in fine company. The pre-shoot registration was at Combermere barracks in their regimental museum which was excellent.
I wasn't at my best so I've not taken any pics and this is just a brief post.
I took along three bamboo backed Yew bows, my old 60#, the deflex/reflex 35# and the 40# replacement for the 35pounder.
They all performed well and I gave the 40# plenty of exercise (not quite as fast as the 35#) I moved up to the 60# for the afternoon to give me more range on the long shots and a longer flight shot.
The 35# reflex deflex found a new home with a lady who enjoyed it's cast. I let her use two of my flight arrows and she was about 12yards short of the 200 yard mark which is pretty good for 35#.
It was only about 15 paces short of the 60# bow which I was drawing to about 30" shooting flight arrows which I'd made for a 100# Elm Warbow.
I also came back with a bow from one of the club guys who wants a few pounds taking off the draw weight. Not my fave' job, but it's easy to get a little overbowed as none of us are getting any younger and a bow we thought we could manage a year or so ago get a bit tough in Winters icy grasp. It's something I'll do for fellow club members or people who take the trouble to visit (bearing bottles of wine!)
For the record I just measured it at 49# at 28" (5 1/2" brace) it's signed by the bowyer as 51# @ 29" so that looks fine. I'm only tillering it at 28" as it's damn cold in the garage and it's been short drawn up to now (short drawn because it's a tad too heavy for the user).

As always it was good to chat with old friends and put a few faces to names. I had a good chat with Nick Toy who is a fellow bowyer who's name has been cropping up on the various archer forums lately.
Thanks to Brian, his charming wife and all involved in the organisation.
I must admit A long hot shower and a Sunday roast was much needed  by the time I got home.
That'll do I think I need a cuppa and a catnap.

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