Saturday, 20 December 2014

Winding Down For Christmas

I'm beginning to shake off this damn cold at last, I'd also given my back a slight twinge.
A few glasses of wine and a good bop at the works 'do' last night has loosened me up and got me energised again.
The sun's shining too. Hopefully after a bit of a break I'll get back to it with a vengeance.
You know how it is with a cold... you think I'll go and sort out my staves or look at that splice etc... but then you just haven't got the energy or it's too cold in the garage.
I have an arrow plate and grip to do, but it's a mistake to work on bows because you feel you should...gotta do it when you actually want to.

I've been doing some musing instead.
I have a couple of longbows to make for people and some visitors who postponed a few weeks back. I want to make a flight bow or two, and a Hazel warbow, I've got the Hornbeam and Osage from the Tennessee Classic too. maybe the Hornbeam will make a flight bow.
For flight bows do I aim at the 35# 50# or unlimited class and what style?
It's a bit daft anyway as the only bow style that precludes man made materials is (I believe) longbow.
Now if only NFAS did a flight shoot, maybe I'll get off my fat backside and E-mail them. The NFAS 'primitive class' would give self bows a chance, but would still need a seperate category for horn sinew composites as they will vastly out range the other types.
Maybe use some Laburnum I've had for ages, I want to try a Hazel backed bow at some point too.
It would be nice to get to a flight shoot next year, but I don't actually get to that many shoots, probably 4 a year.
No shortage of things to do

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