Monday, 6 April 2015

Tall Skinny Blonde on Horse!

She lay there reclining on the horse, long blonde curls spilling onto the floor.
Yes! I've started on the Hazel Warbow again. After a month on a radiator the wood is coming off in lovely clean white shavings and it's beginning to flex a fair bit.
It's not the perfect stave by a long way and who knows if it it will make it to full draw. I'm aiming for a modest 90# at 31" but with 32" draw there for using.
There is a lot of twist at each end relative to mid limb, and the centre is twisted the opposite way... mind on average, it's dead even ;-)

The twist really shows on the video where the bark doesn't show up so well it makes the bow look V thin where the bark is facing the camera at the grip and V fat where you see clean white wood.
On the video you'll see I'm pulling it to 90#, that's still less strain than the bow will be subjected to when it's on a short string.
The bow was creaking and cracking alarmingly, but I think it was just the bark.
I now glued on temporary nocks cut from an off-cut of Elm and I've got it a bit straighter and narrower at the tips.

Having called the left pic "skinny blonde on horse" I expect this page will get a few more hits from Google search!

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