Monday, 1 June 2015

A Little Progress

Spent some time today refurbishing arrows and working on "Second Chance".
I've got a nice stash of re-furb'ed arrows, 3 whistling arrows and 5 of the 'pretend medieval' arrows for 32" draw.

The lower limb is flexing more and it's come back another inch or so at 50#.
I've also drawn it in the hand to probably 27", so I'm feeling fairly confident that it will get to full draw.
I filled one knot on the belly. As I'd removed wood off the belly, the manky stuff round the knot was becoming exposed and I could wiggle it when I poked at it with a needle file.
The knot was slightly oval so I drilled out the centre and picked out round the edges down to sound wood, I packed it with epoxy and sawdust mix. When that was cured I drilled it and fitted a round peg, the finished effect is a round Yew peg with a small crescent of Yew dust epoxy mix where it was irregular.
I've been using a simple pair of calipers (see pic) to check the thickness is constantly getting less towards the tips. No actual measurement, just using 'em as a go no-go check.
Next step is probably fitting horn nocks.

As I came out of the front of the garage I noticed  a flat tyre on the car... just as well I spotted it as it's work tomorrow and I'd have been in a right flap getting it sorted before I could set off to work.
Why is it always the best tyre that gets a puncture?... Right on the shoulder... dunno if it will be repairable or if it's a new tyre... still, plenty of worse things could have happened.

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