Friday, 12 June 2015

Second Chance Signed Off

I've been doing a fair bit in the garden and sort of taking it easy before starting on another bow.

I've got all the detail done now and she's ready to be handed over.

I'll take her up the club tomorrow (weather permitting), see how far she lobs an arrow and maybe shoot a few 3D targets. that will get the number of arrows up beyond 100 (it's at 90 at the moment).

I'll take another bow along too as there's a new guy who's interested in a Warbow. I don't have one to hand, but I have a Hickory backed Yew which will shoot at 32" draw, it's not in a finished state... that's to say, I've got some leather on the back to help round the Hickory backing, as backed bows can be rather square on the back and not so comfortable as a stave bow. But it doesn't have an actual grip or arrow plate.

Here are some pics of the finished "Second Chance"... I may get a pic of it being actually shot tomorrow, as opposed to drawn on the tiller.

I added a hole to the top nock to allow for a string retaining thread if required, not something I usually do. The hole was polished by running some hep twine loaded with polishing compound back and forth through it. A few minutes well spent to get the detail right.

In the top pic, by my thumb you can see a kink in the bow, there was a big loose knot. I filled it with a plug of Yew, it's mostly disappeared now where the tip has been narrowed and blended in towards the nock.

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