Monday, 22 June 2015

Full Draw Plus

Great day shooting yesterday at Cloth of Gold, it was a memorial shoot for one of the blokes who died unexpectedly a while back. He was remembered fondly whenever I stuck an arrow in tree which was all to frequent. It was a friendly contest between the two clubs to which he belonged. 20 3D targets shot from 2 different sets of pegs, giving 40 targets in all. I shot poorly in the morning scoring 178 but stormed back with 244 in the afternoon giving a respectable score. There were some very long shots and I finished with 45 yard first arrow kill at an Alligator down hill over a pond.
One of the chaps I shot with was using a Yew backed Yew bow I'd made him (shooting well in the morning and poorly in the afternooon... between us we had a whole good day). He waned me to take some draw weight off the bow, as he was trouble holding anchored at full draw.
I spent some time this morning rasping and scraping at the outer 1/2 - 1/3 of the limbs, making the tips both thinner and narrower. I took off 5# and hopefully the performance won't have suffered. He'll hopefully get a better full draw.

Anyhow, I'm a tad jaded today, maybe I got dehydrated or over tired, maybe I ate too much Indian takeaway that we had for Father's day... or was it the Hoppy Copper Bitter.Who knows?
So I grasped the nettle and put the new bow on the tiller and heaved it just past 29".
You can see from the pic it a much nicer shape now and a tad over 55#.

Maybe it's gone a whisker from left limb stiff to right limb stiff... I won't fiddle with it until I've shot some arrows through it and seen how it looks in the hand.
Update:- I've made a string and shot 15 arrows through it drawing them right to the very tip which is about 292 and feels positively medieval, it bangs 'em out impressively.
Shot 3 of my 3/8" pretend medieval arrows too... they went real smooooooth and true. The regular arrows whipped out of there like snakes on a plane.

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