Friday, 5 June 2015

Second Chance at Full Draw

Whew, got to full draw. I'll take a scrape or two off the right limb just out from the grip as the lower (left) limb seems to be working hard, but it's pretty much there.
I've messed about drawing ellipses in MS Paint which tends to support my view, the left limb is bending on a tighter curve, but still pretty good.
Another solution would be to reverse the bow on the tiller, but I won't do that.
I'm happy for this bow to be a whisker under 50# rather than a whisker over like the last one.

I've now taken a few fine rasp strokes and some scrapes of the cabinet scraper off the inner end of the right limb. It's tricky to get perfect tiller with those knots and the kink in the left limb about 6" from the tip which makes it look weak on the tip.
I'll see if I have a string that fits so I can shoot it a bit to exercise it. I'm leaving it strung for a hour or so too to let it settle.
Ah, that little bit of work and leaving it strung has eased it to 50# at 29", mind the brace height is about an inch low. The curve looks more even. That's it now... I'll drop the tools, put my hands in the air and step away from the bow.

Update:- I found a string that's nearly right, I had to twist it up rather a lot so it's a tad stretchy, but I've had 5 test shots.
That works then!

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