Friday, 5 June 2015

Horn Nocks and a Back Patch

I got the horn nocks done on "Second chance" and one of the guys from the club popped in with a bow for repair. It was a 50# Hickory Backed Osage English Longbow with a nasty splinter lifting on the Hickory.
I wasn't sure if it was Osage, but lightly filing near one of the nocks returned the wood to the bright yellow which shows when it is freshly worked.
I rasped out a big section and glued in a patch, it's had overnight for the glue to cure so I can clean it up this morning.

Here are a load of assorted pics and a tiny video clip to show the waggly knot on the belly of Second Chance which I mentioned filling in an earlier post.

The pencil is in the pictures to give an idea of scale of the nocks, they are  about as small as can be done sensibly on a 50#bow. It's nice to make 'em from the same bit of horn, although to look at 'em you wouldn't know.

I won't flex the backed bow until it's had a full 24 hours to cure, but I'll spend a bit of time tarting up the nocks and cleaning it with wire wood soaked in white spirit. I'll then give it a waxing and the patch should be near on invisible.

I'll also hope to get second chance back to full draw and start the final clean up on it. The tool marks are all scraped out, but it may need a little more rasping to get back those last couple of inches. I don't want this one over weight.

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