Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Grip Roughed Out

I always say don't shape the grip and arrow pass until the bow is near finished, well I've got it to 45# at 21" from a low brace and so I've just roughed out the grip. It needs doing as the throat of the grip where it sits in the hand will be cut away by maybe 1/2 - 1" or so and this is where the draw length is measured from. Here's a pic' after first rough out, I've done more rasping and filing and it's getting to feel rather nice. the arrow pass will need to be cut away much more, but that really will wait until the tuning the bow stage when its shooting.
I've really got my mojo back and Sophie the cat is much more active today, rubbing everything and purring which has cheered us all up!

I'm really enjoying this bow as it's a style I've not done before, I think the heart/sapwood running through the grip will look stunning. Hopefully it will be a bit special.

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