Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Money Well Spent

I've bought myself a decent facemask with replaceable filters from Toolstation (a JSP Professional ). Yew dust hasn't worried me too much in the past, but with a history of sinus problems I thought better safe than sorry (also better late than never) It fits well and my glasses don't mist up, I'm pleased with the investment. I also splashed out on a better grade of abrasive paper, MIRKA, it's brilliant, I can cut off a long thin strip and use it diabolo fashion pulling really hard and it doesn't tear, it also stays clog free and has vastly speed up the sanding and reduced waste. I just got the 80 grit to try it, but I'll certainly get some 120 too as I get through about half a roll of the cheaper stuff on each bow. It's a rather cheery yellow colour too.

It's very difficult to get good pictures of the bow showing the heart/sap wood contrast,  or the growth rings in the sapwood.
I've had another go before wiping it with Danish Oil to see if they come out better. My bows invariably look better in the hand than in pictures, which is probably just as well as it avoids disappointment!

I've shot a few more arrows through it, and it seems to group very well, I had a go with the 11/32" 100gn points and they flew cleanly too hitting home hard.
Mick the blacksmith will be over tomorrow to test shoot it with his arrow so we can see if it needs some tweaking.


  1. If you can find any, the foam backed 320 grit mirka is really good stuff. Doesn't clog up and finishes wood up brilliant.