Sunday, 7 February 2016

Yew AFB Ready for a String

I've slimmed the tips, glued on Waterbuffalo horn nock overlays and roughed 'em out and adjusted the arrow pass a bit.
I'm near as dammit to full brace and full draw. I noticed the draw length is actually 1/2" more than I've been measuring due to the deep grip making the bow sit high on the tillering tree. My measure can actually be adjusted up and down to compensate, but I rarely bother as it's usually only + or - 1/4" out.
I couldn't resist giving the grip a quick sanding with 80 grit and a wipe of Danish oil just to get an idea of how it will look. You can see the central pith of the stave on the fade of each limb and the drying cracks radiation out from the pith towards the belly, these are not a problem, the cracks are just taking the path of least resistance and are not going into the working limbs at all.

Putting a short arrow on the string to check the arrow pass and shelf revealed it was out of alignment, a few minutes (see wrist watch!) with a rasp and files soon sorted that out... see before and after pics. Top pic the arrow is making contact near the belly, second pic it sits much flatter against the arrow pass. There will doubtless be some more fiddling and fettling before it's finally finished.
Lots of cleaning and finishing, but she's just about there. I'll post a full draw pic when it's got a decent string and is all prettied up.

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