Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Yew Heartwood Belly Strips

I sawed a couple of thin belly slats using the bandsaw and a wooden guide jig (see pic) The wood was just offcuts from  my stave trimming.  The belt sander got them fairly flat and lightly tapered. I had to use two short lengths as that's all I had, so I spliced 'em together with simple V splice.
This is all just a bit of an experiment, if I was doing it from scratch I'd have more heart wood and less sap, or at least 50/50. It will be interesting to see what this thin layer of heartwood will do for the bow.
The belly of the bow has been run over the belt sander to flatten it, but even so the heartwood won't be full width (the offcuts just weren't wide enough) so it will look a bit weird!
 I'll glue it up with the deflex pulled out, not quite sure how I'll strap it up to achieve that, or how I'll clamp up round the tips.

Dunno if I'll get it glued up today, there's a hard frost and I have a bit of a cold, which means my concentration span is down to about 5 minu..

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