Saturday, 20 February 2016

Yew Sapwood Shorty

The tips are flipped and the tiller improved.
Note:- I've adjusted the scale on the tiller rig to measure true draw length from the back of the bow, (as this bow is much slimmer than most bows).
I'll see how much set it's taken and make some more tiller adjustments to see if I can coax it back closer to my normal draw length. Maybe I should make a string and shoot it before it explodes so that it will at least get to shoot an arrow or two.

The lower (left) limb is looking much better now and the hinge is less apparent although it does look thin, some of the thick and thin spots in the limb are more about twist than actual thickness.

With such a shot bow and relatively long draw I may have to shoot it with a thumb release or maybe just two fingers.

A little more work on the stiff spot, then I'll make a string.

This all illustrates that it's easy to make a bow but hard to make a good one, I had a shootable bow in about an hour or two, but since then I've spent ages flipping the tips adding belly patches to the tips, improving the tiller, shaping nocks and the flipped tips exacerbate the natural twist in the limbs so I'm now using heat to rmove the twist to get the string tracking correctly on the tips. All good fun and all a learning experience.

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