Saturday, 23 April 2016

A few test shots

I took some video of the take down bow. After studying it I took a few scrapes off the belly here and there to tweak the tiller.
Video on Youtube here:-
I shot a few test shots and it feels smooth and fast, it takes a good bit of force to brace it too. I may shoot it through the chrono or try it for distance once the flood plain dries out.
Here are a couple of pics, its all finished now and renamed Breakdown rather takedown!


  1. At about 1:50 on the video it looks like the right hand limb about 3" from the handle humps up when you start to draw the bow. Does this tell you anything about the tiller? I've noticed this on a few of my bows and I've corrected(if it needed correction??) it by weakening the other limb. Could you expand on this a bit? Thanks

  2. Hi, Yes, that is the bow rocking on the tiller due to being drawn from a point to the right of where it is supported. That's how it is drawn in real life. The bow is supported by the hand at about the centre, but the string is pulled from a point an inch or so above centre (the arrow is above the hand). That's why my bows sit on the tiller with the right tip down when I start to draw, and straighten up as poundage is applied. If you support a bow dead centre and pull the string from dead centre you can get the tiller looking perfect... BUT you then find in actual use the tiller looks off. That's another reason why I don't clamp the bow on the tiller, I let it rock freely as it would when held lightly in the hand.

  3. This post may help illustrate it.